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KAKOTECHNION DIKE´ (κακορεχϝιῶν δίκη) corresponds in some degree with an action for subornation of perjury. It might be instituted against a party to a previous suit, whose witnesses had already been convicted of falsehood in an action ψευδομαρυριῶν. (Dem. c. Everg. p. 1139.1; c. Timoth. p. 1201.56; Harpocrat., Suid., Phot., s.v. Bekk. Anecd. p. 268, 24). It has also been surmised that this action lay against the party whose summoners (κλητῆρες) had been convicted in a γραφὴ ψευδοκλητείας (Meier, Att. Process, p. 385); and if Plato's authority with respect to the terms of Attic law can be considered conclusive, other cases of conspiracy and contrivance may have borne this title. (Plat. Leg. xi. p. 936 D.) With respect to the court into which these causes were brought, and the advantages obtained by the successful party, we have no information. (Meier, Att. Proc. pp. 45, 386.)

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