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CAPSA´RII the name of three different classes of slaves:--1. Of those who took care of the clothes of persons while bathing in the public baths. [BALNEAE p. 275 a.] In later times they were subject to the jurisdiction of the praefectus vigilum (Dig. 50, tit. 15, s. 3). 2. Of those who had the care of the capsae, in which books and letters were kept. [CAPSA] 3. Of those who carried the books, &c., of boys to school. [CAPSA] 4. A fourth kind of capsarii are mentioned, not as slaves, but as a class of soldiers enjoying certain privileges. In an inscription they are joined with librarii, and probably guarded the chests containing military papers and registers. (Dig. 50, 6, 7; Rénier, Inscr. de l'Algérie, 63 Saglio, s. v.)

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