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CATAL´OGUS (κατάλογος), the catalogue of those persons in Athens who were liable to regular military service. At Athens, those persons alone who possessed a certain amount of property were allowed to serve in the regular infantry, whilst the lower class, the thetes, had not this privilege. Thus the former are called οἱ ἐκ καταλόγου στρατεύοντες, and the latter οἱ ἔξω τοῦ καταλόγου. (Xen. Hell. 2.3, § 20.) Those who were exempted by their age from military service are called by Demosthenes (de Synt. p. 167.4) οἱ ὑπὲρ τὸν κατάλογον. It appears to have been the duty of the generals (στρατηγοί) to make out the list of persons liable to service [ASTRATEIAS GRAPHÉ], in which duty they were probably assisted by the demarchi, and sometimes by the βουλευταί. (Dem. c. Polycl. p. 1208.6.)


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