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CERCU´RUS (κέρκουρος, κερκοῦρος), a light, swift-sailing vessel, used both in war and in commerce, is first mentioned in the Persian wars (Hdt. 7.97). Its invention is attributed by Pliny (Plin. Nat. 7.208) to the Cypriotes, by others to the Corcyraeans (Suid. s. v.), while some modern writers derive its name from its [p. 1.406]resemblance to a fish of this name (Plin. Nat. 32.152). This kind of ship is mentioned by several writers. (Harpocrat., Hesych. sub voce ; Diod. Excerpt. 506, 61; Lucil. ap. Non. 533, 27; Plaut. Merc. 1.1, 86; Stich.2.2, 44; 33.19.) [NAVIS]


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