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COA VESTIS also COA (n. pl.), the Coan cloth or garments, mentioned by various authors, but most frequently by the Latin poets of the Augustan age (Tib. 2.3, 53, 2.4, 29; Propert. 1.2, 2, 2.1, v. (iv.) 2, 23; Hor. Carm. 4.13.13, Sat. 1.2, 101; Ovid. Ars Am. 2.298; Sen. de Ben. 7.9). From their expressions we learn that it had a great degree of transparency, that it was remarkably fine, that it was chiefly worn by women of loose reputation, and that it

Coa Vestis. (
Mus. Borbon.

was sometimes dyed purple (Hor. Carm. l.c.; Prop. 2.1, 6) and enriched with stripes of gold. It has been supposed to have been made of silk, because in Cos silk was spun and woven at an early period, so as to obtain a high celebrity (Arist. Hist. Anim. 5.19). (Becker-Göll, Gallus, iii. p. 285.)

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