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COLLY´RIUM (κολλύριον, diminutive of κολλύρα, a roll; hence):

1. In medical language, a tent, pessary or suppositary, made of medicinal substances and inserted into the orifices of the body, such as the nostrils or the anus or into an ulcer. Thus Celsus (5.28): “collyrium fieri debet altera parte tenuius, altera parte plenius; idque ea parte qua tenuius est antecedente, demitti oportet in fistulam.” (Cf. Scrib. Largus, Comp. Med. 142; Col. 6.30; Cael. Aurel. Acut. 2.12; Hipp. 609, 44.)

2. A liquid eye-salve (Hor. Sat. 1.5, 30; Cels. 7.7, 4; Veget. 3.16, 248, 18, 2; Arr. Epict. 2.21, 20, 3.21, 21). Many instructions for the composition of these medicaments may be found in Marcell. Empir. viii.


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