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DICTY´NNIA (δικτύννια), a festival with sacrifices, celebrated at Kydonia in Crete, in honour of Artemis, surnamed Δίκτυννα or Δικτύνναια, from δίκτυον, a hunter's net. (Diod. 5.76; compare Strabo x. p.479; Paus. 2.30.3.) Particulars respecting its celebration are not known. Artemis Δίκτυννα was also worshipped at Sparta (Paus. 3.12.7), and at Ambrysos in Phocis. (Paus. 10.36.3; compare the Schol. ad Aristoph. Frogs 1284, Vesp. 357 and Meursius, Creta, 100.3.)


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