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EPA´EITI (ἐπάριτοι), the name of a corps of picked troops in Arcadia, which was formed to preserve the independence of the Arcadian towns, when they became united as one state after the defeat of the Spartans at Leuctra. They were 5,000 in number, and were paid by the state. (In Xen. Hell. 7.4, § § 22, 33, 36; 7.5.3, the name occurs without explanation, but it was probably of Arcadian origin. In Diod. 15.62, 67 they are οἱ καλούμενοι ἐπίλεκτοι ὄντες πεντακισχίλιοι. Cf. Hesych. sub voce ἐπαρόητοι: Thirlwall, 5.90; Grote, ch. 78, 7.203; Gilbert, Staatsalterth. 2.134, 352.)

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