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LARENTA´LIA sometimes written LARENTINALIA (Macrob. 1.10; Lactant. Inst. 1.20), was a Roman festival in honour of Acca Larentia, the wife of Faustulus and the nurse of Romulus and Remus. It was celebrated on December 23 (Fest. s.v. Macrob. l.c.; Ovid. Fast. 3.57). The sacrifice in this festival was performed by the Flamen Quirinalis, as the representative of Romulus (Gel. 7.7, 7), in the Velabrum, where the Via Nova entered it, not far from the Porta Romanula (Burn's Rome, 278; see Varro, L. L. 5.164). At this place Acca was said to have been buried. (See also Preller, Röm. Myth. p. 422; Marquardt, Staatsverwaltung, 3.335.)

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