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LEMBUS (λέμβος), according to Fulgentius called also dromo, which defines it as a swift and light vessel. It was a small boat used to carry persons from the ship to the shore (Plaut. Mere. 1.2, 81; 2.1, 35). So in Dem. c. Zenoth. p. 883, the λέμβος seems to be a small boat towed behind the ship into which Hegestratus tries to jump so as to escape to shore; and in Theocr. 21.12, it is a small fishing boat for oars (cf. Verg. G. 1.201). The name was also given to boats larger than this, but in the same manner light and swift, sent ahead to obtain information of the enemy's movements (Plb. 1.53), or for plundering excursions (Liv. 30.45); also as fast-sailing transports (Plb. 2.3).

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