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MUSE´A (Μούσεια), a festival with contests celebrated in a grove on the lower slopes of Mount Helicon in Boeotia, not far from the spring of Aganippe, in honour of the Muses. It was held every fifth year and with great splendour. (Plut. Amator. p. 748 F.) It was first under the charge of the Ascraeans, having been instituted according to tradition by the Aloidae: afterwards it was superintended by the inhabitants of Thespiae. (Paus. 9.29.1; 31.3; C. I. 1585, 1586.) There was also a festival called Museia, which was celebrated in schools, with sacrifices, to which the pupils contributed. (Aeschin. in Timarch. § 10; Theophrast. 25, 11; LUDUS, p. 95 a.

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