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NEMESEIA (νεμέσεια), undoubtedly the same as the Genesia (γενέσια), was a public festival celebrated at Athens on the 5th of the month of Boedromion (Bekker, Anecd. pp. 86, 231, and 282). As to the rites and ceremonies observed on the occasion, nothing is known. The name Nemeseia or Nemesia was given to the solemnity, because Νέμεσις ἐπὶ τῶν ἀποθανόντων τέτακται. It would seem that the name was sometimes applied to certain funeral rites performed by private persons in honour of a deceased member of a family. (Demosth. πρὸς Σπουδ. p. 1031; comp. Harpocrat. p. 206, and A. Mommsen, Heortol. p. 209.)


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