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PULVI´NUS (also pulvinar, culcita, προσκεφάλαιον), a cushion, used for beds, couches, and litters, whether a cervical, to support the head in beds, or a cubital, to support the arm on couches. The stuffing was usually of feathers [LECTUS p. 18 b]; the covering often of bright coloured silk (Hor. Epod. 8, 15; Mart. 3.82). The pillow was supported on a raised framework (which is shown in the woodcut on p. 15), sometimes being merely the end of the torus, or mattress, passed over this framework. Mr. Anderson (Class. Review, 3.323) has shown good reason for thinking that fulcrum, fulcra, usually taken to mean legs of the bedstead, really meant this support of the pillow, often richly carved (Juv. 11.95: cf. Prop. 3.5, 5; Ov. Pont. 3.3, 14). For the sacred pulvinar, see LECTISTERNIUM

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