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1. A straight pointed rod used by geometricians and astronomers for describing figures on their abacus, a table covered with sand. (Cic. Tusc. 5.23, 64, “a pulvere et radio,” of Archimedes; cf. Cic. N. D. 2.1. 8, 48, “eruditum illum pulverem,” of geometry; Pers. 1.131; Aristoph. Cl. 177.) In Verg. Ecl. 3.41, Aen. 6.850, it is probably the actual rod (as above) used for the actual drawing of terrestrial and celestial globes on the abacus, rather than, as Conington says, a mere “phrase for scientific delineation.” [See also ABACUS III. a.]

2. Used in weaving. [TELA]

3. Of a wheel. [CURRUS]


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