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TRIEROPOEI (τριηροποιοί), a board at Athens, reckoned among the directors of public works (ἐπιστάται τῶν δημοσίων ἔργων, cf. EPISTATES), and having a treasurer (ταμίας) of their own. Their principal duty was to provide for the building of a certain number (probably twenty, cf. Diod. 11.43) of new triremes every year. The name appears to occur only in Dem. c. Androt. p. 598.17; but they are clearly referred to in Aeschin. c. Ctes. § 30. In the latter passage we are told that they were neither an ἀρχὴ κληρωτὴ nor χειροτονητή, but belonged to those οὓς αἱ φυλαὶ καὶ αἱ τριττύες καὶ οἱ δῆμοι ἐξ ἑαυτῶν αἱροῦνται τὰ δημόσια χρήματα διαχειρίζειν: but it is clear from Demosthenes that the senate was in some way responsible for their conduct, a fact which is nowhere stated of the τειχοποιοὶ or other similar bodies. Combining the two accounts, it seems likely that they were appointed by the senate, one for each tribe, either as a committee of the Bouleutae themselves or as a subordinate body, and that they either chose their own treasurer or had one chosen for them by the senate, whose responsibility for its delegated authority was thus maintained. (Cf. Boeckh, P. E. p. 249 = Sthh.3 1.316; Seeurk. p. 59; K. F. Hermann, Staatsalterth. § § 126, 161.) [W.W]

(Appendix). See BOULÉ. In the words of Ath. Pol. 46, ποιεῖται δὲ ( βουλὴ) τὰς τριήρεις, δέκα ἄνδρας ἐξ [ἁπάντων] ἑλομένη τριηροποιούς, we suggest that the lacuna is to be supplied with ἑαυτῆς rather than ἁπάντων. The τριηροποιοὶ may possibly have been a subordinate body appointed by, as they were unquestionably responsible to, the βουλή: but it is more likely that they were a committee of the Bouleutae themselves.

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