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XENA´GI (ξεναγοί). The Spartans, as being the head of that Peloponnesian and Dorian league which was formed to secure the independence of the Greek states, had the sole command of the confederate troops in time of war, provided that the league did not disapprove of the war (see Hdt. 5.75; Gilbert. Gr. Staatsalt. 1.96, note); they ordered the quotas which each state was to furnish, and appointed officers of their own to command them. Such officers were called ξεναγοί. The generals whom the allies sent with their troops (ἄρχοντες, στρατηγοὶ) were subordinate to these Spartan ξεναγοί, though they attended the council of war, as representatives of their respective countries (Thuc. 2.7, 10, 75; 5.54; 7.18;--Xenoph. Hell. 3.5.7; Agesil. 2.10). After the peace of Antalcidas, the league was still more firmly established, though Argos refused to join it; and the Spartans were rigorous in exacting the required military service, demanding levies by the σκυτάλη, and sending out ξεναγοὶ to collect them: in case of desertion they could fine the state 1 stater a day for each man who was due. (Xenoph. Hell. 5.2, § § 7, 22, 37; 6.3.7;--Wachsmuth, Hell. Alterth. vol. i. pt. ii. pp. 114, 241, 1st ed.; Schömann, Ant. Jur. Pub. Gr. p. 426; Gilbert, Gr. Staatsalterth. 1.95 f.; Thumser, Gr. Staatsalterth. 1.214.)

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