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AQUAE PA´SSERIS one of the numerous places in Etruria frequented for its warm baths, which appear to have been in great vogue in the time of Martial (6.42. 6). It is placed by the Tab. Peut. on the road from Volsinii to Rome, between the former city and Forum Cassii: and was probably situated at a spot now called Bacucco, about 5 miles N. of Viterbo, where there is a large assemblage of ruins, of Roman date, and some of them certainly baths, while the whole neighbourhood abounds in thermal springs. (Cluver. Ital. p. 561; Dennis's Etrsria, vol. i. pp. 202. 211.)

An inscription published by Orioli (Ann. d. Inst. vol. i. p. 174--179) writes the name AQUAE PAS-SERIANAE.


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