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AR´MENE (Ἀρμένη or Ἁρμένη: Eth. Ἀρμεναῖος). Stephanus (s. v. Ἀρμένη) observes that Xenophon in the Anabasis (6.1.15) writes it Ἀρμήνη (διὰ τοῦ ). The Ten Thousand on their return anchored their ships here, and stayed five days. The place belonged to the Sinopians. It was 50 stadia west of Sinope (Sinab), and had a port. (Strab. p. 545.) A small river, named Ochosbanes by Marcian (p. 72), and named also Ochthomanes in the Anonymous Periplus, and Ocheraenus by Scylax, falls into the harbour.


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