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AZIRIS (Ἀζιρίς, Ptol. 5.7.2), a town of Armenia Minor, which, if we identify with Arsingan, or Arzindjan, as Mannert (Geogr. vol. vi. pt. 2. p. 308) does, must be placed to the W. of the Euphrates. Abúlfedá (Tab. Syr. p. 18) fixes this place on the road between Sivas and Arzrum. According to the Armenian chroniclers it was famous for the worship of the goddess Anahid, and was decorated with many temples by Tigranes II. After the establishment of Christianity it remained an important place, but attained its highest distinction under the Mussulman princes of the Seljuk dynasty. (St. Martin, Mém. sur l'Arménie, vol. i. p. 71; Forbiger, vol. ii. p. 312; Ritter, Erdkunde, vol. x. p. 270.)


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