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CHORA or CORA, a place in Gallia, mentioned by Ammianus Marcellinus (16.2) as being on Julian's route from Augustodunum (Autun) to Autosiodurum, that is, Autissiodurum (Auxerre). This indicates the Roman road from Autun to Auxerre, for the road mentioned by Ammianus went “per Sedelaucum et Choram.” Sedelaucum is the Sidolocum (Saulieu) of the Itin. Chora is therefore between Saulieu and Auxerre; and the river Cure, a branch of the Yonne, runs in the general direction of the road from Autun to Auxerre. The next station on the road to Saulieu is Aballo (Avallon). D'Anville finds a place called Cure on the river Cure, between Avallon and Auxerre, which he supposes to be Chora. Others fix Chora at La Ville Auxerre, near St. Moré, which is also between Avallon and Auxerre (H. Vales. ad Amm. Marc. 16.2; D'Anville, Notice, &c.; Walckenaer, Géog., &c. vol. i. p. 411, vol. ii. p. 351).


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