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CLU´NIA (Κλουνία κολωνία, Ptol. 2.6.56), a city of the Arevacae in Hispania Tarraconensis, the last considerable place in Celtiberia, on the W. (Celtiberiae finis, Plin. Nat. 3.3. s. 4.) It was a colony, and the seat of a convents juridicus, comprising 14 peoples of the Varduli, 4 of the Turmodigi, 5 of the Carietes and Vennenses, 4 of the Pelendones, 18 of the Vaccaei, 7 of the Cantabri, 10 of the Autrigones, 6 of the Arevacae, and 22 of the Astures (at least this appears to be the meaning of Pliny's enumeration). The ruins of the city are visible on the summit of an isolated hill, surrounded with rocks which form a natural wall, between Coruña del Conde and Pennalda de Castro (D. C. 39.54; Plut. Galba, 6; Florez, Esp. S. vol. vii. p. 268, v. p. 51: coins, Florez, Med. vol. i. p. 364, vol. ii. p. 641; Mionnet, vol. i. p. 39, Suppl. vol. i. p. 79; Eckhel, vol. i. p. 46.) [P. S.1

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