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COLO´NAE (Κολωναί) or COLO´NE, a town in the Troad, 140 stadia from Ilium. (Strab. pp. 589, 604; Thuc. 1.131; Xen. Hell. 3.1. 13; Paus. 10.14.1.) According to tradition, Colonae was in early times the residence of a Thracian prince Cycnus, who possessed the adjoining country and the island of Tenedos, opposite to which Colonae was situated on the mainland. Colonae was probably one of the towns from which the inhabitants were removed to supply the population of Alexandria in Troas. Pliny (5.30) places it in the interior, and [p. 1.645]speaks of it as one of the places that had disappeared.

There was a Colonae near Lampsacus on the Hellespont, a foundation of the Milesians. (Strab. p. 589; Arrian, Arr. Anab. 1.12.11.)


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