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CYNOSSE´MA (Κυνὸς σῆμα). “After Loryma,” says Strabo (p. 656), “is the Cynos-sema, and the island Syme; then Cnidus, &c.” The Cynos-sema is a point on the SW. coast of Caria, opposite to the island of Syme, and it is now called Cape Volpo. (Hamilton, Researches, &c. vol. ii. p. 71.) Ptolemy does not mention Cynossema, but he has a cape Onugnathos about this part of Caria, which may be the same as Cynossema. [CARIA p. 519.] Stephanus (s. v. Κυνὸς σῆμα) gives an ethnic name Κυνοσσηματεύς.


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