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Κυπάρισσος: Eth. Κυπαρισσεύς), an ancient town of Phocis, in the vicinity of Delphi. It is mentioned in the Homeric catalogue (Il. 2.519) along with Pytho (Delphi), and is described by Dicaearchus (80) as situated in the interior of Phocis. It is placed by Strabo below Lycoreia, which was situated on one of the heights of Parnassus (ix. p. 423), which position is more probable than the one assigned to it by Pausanias, who supposes Cyparissus to be the ancient name of the place afterwards called Anticyra (10.36.5). Cyparissus is also mentioned by Statius (Theb. vii. [p. 1.729]344) and Stephanus (s. v.). If we follow the authority of Strabo respecting the position of Cyparissus, its site is perhaps indicated by the walls of an Hellenic town, at the southern foot of, the mountain, midway between the Schiste and Delphi. (Leake, vol. ii. p. 579.)


A river of Messenia. [CYPARISSIA]

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