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CAMISE´NE (Καμισηνή). Strabo mentions Culupene or Calupene and Camisene as bordering on the Lesser Armenia, and he includes them within his Pontus Rock-salt was dug in these districts, and there was a strong place Camisa, which was ruined in Strab's time (p. 560). In another place (p. 546) he says that the Halys rises in Great Cappadocia, near Pontice, and in Camisene (Καμβυσήνη in Casaubon's text). Camisa was on the road from Sebastia to Nicopolis, and 24 Roman miles from Sebastia (Sevas). The Camisene, then, is in the upper basin of the Halys or Kizil Ermak.


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