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DACHINABADES (Δαχιναβάδης, Peripl. Ind. p. 29), a district of “India intra Gangem,” on the NW. coast of the peninsula of Hindostan, a little to the S. of Barygaza or Beroach. It is stated by the author of the Periplus that it was so called because Dakhan, in the native tongue, signified south. Dakhinabades, according to this view, would be a purely Indian word, and would mean “city of the south.” Dakhan, however, in which we recognise the well-known modern name Deccan, is not properly the south: it is derived from the Sanscrit Dakshina, meaning the country on the right hand, and was so named by the Hindu conquerors, who entered India from the NW. The district of Dakhinabades contained two emporia, Plithana and Tagara.


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