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ELAEUS (Ἔλαιοῦς: Eth. Ἐλαιούσιος).


A demus of Attica. [ATTICA p. 330b.]


A town in the Argeia, mentioned only by Apollodorus (2.5.2) and Stephanus B. (s. v.). From the statement of the former writer we may conclude that it could not have been far from Lerna, since Heracles, after he had succeeded in cutting off the immortal head of the Hydra, is said to have buried it by the side of the way leading from Lerna to Elaeus. The remains of this town have been found in the unfrequented road leading from Lerna to Hysiae. (Ross, Reisen im Peloponnes, p. 155, seq.; Boblaye, Recherches, p. 49.; Curtius, Peloposnesos, vol. ii. p. 372.)


A town in Chaonia in Epeirus, mentioned only by Ptolemy (3.14.7), but probably situated in the plain Elaeon, of which Livy speaks (43.23). Leake supposes this plain to have been that between Arghyrókastro and Libókhovo, and that the town of Elaeus stood on the heights, opposite to Arghyrókastro, where it is said that some remains of Hellenic walls still exist. (Leake, Northern Greece, vol. ii. p, 75.)

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