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Eth. FORUM CLODII a town of Etruria, situated (as might be inferred from its name) upon the Via Clodia, known to us chiefly from the Itineraries, but mentioned also by Ptolemy (3.1.50) among the towns of Southern Etruria. The Antonine Itinerary reckons it 32 M.P. from Rome, and the Tab. Peut. places it between Sabate and Blera; but the distances given in the Tabula are confused or corrupt. Hence its position has not been clearly ascertained; it is commonly placed at Oriuolo, about five miles N. of Bracciano (Sabate); but, according to Mr. Dennis, there are no ancient remains at that place, and the point is still doubtful. (Itin. Ant. p. 286; Tab. Peut.; Dennis, Etruria, vol. i. p. 273.)


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