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GABAE (Γάβαι).


A strongly fortified post in Sogdiana, mentioned in the invasion of that country by Alexander's army. (Arrian, 4.17.) It is not possible to identify it with any known place, but it has been supposed not improbable that it may be the same as that mentioned by Arrian under the name of Gaza (4.2), and by Curtius under that of Gabaza (8.4.1). It is clear that the three places were occupied by a Scythian race sometimes called generically, Massage ae, and sometimes by a more local [p. 1.920]title, Sogdiani; but the identity of the three places is by no means certain.


One of the royal palaces of the kings of Persia, situated, according to Strabo (xv. p.728), in the upper country of Persis. According to Ptolemy (6.4.7) it must have been situated at no great distance from the Pasargadae. The name is probably connected with the district Gabiene, which was in Susiana, and may not unlikely have comprehended a part of Persis. [V]

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