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Eth. HARUDES a German tribe in the army of Ariovistus in his war with Caesar, of whom 24,000 had crossed over into Gaul and established themselves there. (Caes. Gal. 1.31, 37, 51.) Some writers suppose that these Harudes are the same as the Charudes Χαροῦδες) mentioned by Ptolemy (2.11.12) among the inhabitants of the Chersonesus Cimbrica. If this be admitted, the army of Ariovistus would have consisted of tribes from the most distant parts of Germany, and its great numbers would cease to be matter of surprise. [SUEVI] The Harudes are also mentioned in the Monumentum Ancyranum. (Comp. Wersebe, Die Völker u. Vukerbündnisse, p. 230.)


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