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A small port on the coast of Etruria, on the S. side of the promontory of Monte Argentaro. [ARGENTARIUS MONS]


Ἡρακλέους λιμήν, Strab. vi. p.256; Portus Herculis, Plin. Nat. 3.5. s. 10), a port on the W. coast of Bruttium, placed by Pliny between Hipponium and the mouth of the Metaurus. Strabo tells us that it was between Hipponium and the Portus Herculis that the coast began to curve round towards the Sicilian Strait. Hence, it is probable that the name was [p. 1.1056]given to the port of Tropéa, which is close to the headland called Capo Vaticano, where the coast actually begins to trend to the S., and must always have been of importance as a port. The modern name of Tropéa seems to point to a Roman origin, but is not found in any ancient writer.


Ἡρακλέους λιμήν, Ptol. 3.3.3), a port on the south coast of Sardinia, between Sulci and Nora, mentioned only by Ptolemy, is, in all probability, the one now known as Porto di Malfatano. (De la Marmora, Voyage en Sardaigne, vol. ii. p. 394.) [E.H.B]

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