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HYPAEPA (τὰ Ὕπαιπα), a small town in Lydia, on the southern slope of Mount Tmolus, according to the Tab. Peut.,.42 miles from Ephesus. There, as in some other towns of Asia Minor, the Persian worship of fire was introduced during the time when the country was under Persian supremacy. (Strab. xiii. p.627; Ptol. 5.2.16; Ov. Met. 6.13, 11.150; Plin. Nat. 5.31; Paus. 5.27.5; Tac. Ann. 4.55.) The town appears to have continued to exist till a late period of the empire, as we possess coins of it as late as the time of Gordian. Leake (Asia Minor, p. 256) believes that the remains at Beréki belong to Hypaepa.


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