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LYCOSU´RA (Λυκόσουρα: Eth. Λυκοσουρεύς), a town of Arcadia, in the district Parrhasia, at the foot of Mt. Lycaeus, and near the river Plataniston (Gastritzi), on the road from Megalopolis to Phigaleia. It is called by Pausanias the most ancient town in Greece, and is said to have been founded by Lycaon, the son of Pelasgus. It was in ruins in the time of Pausanias, since its inhabitants had been transplanted to Megalopolis upon the foundation of the latter. The remains of this town were first discovered by Dodwell, near the village of Stala, and have since been more accurately described by Ross. The ruins are called Palaeokrambavos or Siderokastron. (Paus. 8.2.1, 8.4.5, 8.38.1; Dodwell, Travels in Greece, vol. ii. p. 395; Leake, Morea, vol. ii. p. 312; Ross, Reisen im Peloponnes, [p. 2.227]p. 87; Curtius, Peloponnesos, vol. i. p. 295.)

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