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MAXIMIANO´POLIS (Μαξιμιανόπολις), the classical appellation of the Scriptural Hadadrimmon (Zechariah, 12.11) in the plain of Megiddo, 17 M. P. from Caesareia (of Palestine), and 10 M. P. from Jezreel, according to the Jerusalem Itinerary; consistently with which notice St. Jerome writes:--“Adadremmom, pro quo LXX. transtulerunt Ποῶνος, urbs est juxta Jesraelem, quae hoc olim vocabulo nuncupata est, et hodie vocatur Maximianopolis in Campo Mageddon” (Comm. in Zachar. l.c.); and again,--“diximus Jesraelem, quae nunc juxta Maximianopolin est” (in Hos. 1). It is placed in the civil and ecclesiastical division of Palaestina Secunda, and its bishop assisted at the Council of Nicaea. (Reland, Palaestina, pp. 891, 892.)


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