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NAMADUS (Νάμαδος, or Ναμάδης, Ptol. 7.1. §§ 5, 31, 62, 65), a great river of Western India, which, after rising in the M. Vindius (Vindhya Mountains), falls into the S. Barygazenus (Gulf of Cambay), not far from the town of Beroach. In the Peripl. M. Erythr. (Geogr. Graec. vol. i. p. 291, ed. Müller) the river is called Namnadius (Ναμνάδιος). The present name is Nerbudda, which, like the Greek form, is doubtless derived from the Sanscrit Narmâda, “pleasant.” (Forbes, Oriental Mem. ii. pp. 8, 104--112.)


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