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NAUSTATHMUS (Ναύσταθμος), an anchorage on the coast of Cyrenaica, 100 stadia from Apollonia. (Scylax, p. 45; Stadiasm. § 56; Strab. xvii. p.838; Ptol 4.4.5; Pomp. Mela, 1.8.2.) It is identified with El-Hilâl, which Beechey (Exped. to the N. Coast of Africa, p. 479) describes as a point forming a bay in which large ships might find shelter. The remains which have been found there indicate an ancient site. (Comp. Pacho, Voyage, p. 144; Barth, Wanderungen, pp. 461, 495; Thrige, Res Cyrenens. p. 103.).


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