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NOREIA (Νωρήεια or Νωρηία), the ancient [p. 2.447] capital of the Taurisci in Noricum, which province seems to have derived its name from it. The town was situated a little to the south of the river Murius, on the road from Virunum to Ovilaba, and formed the central point of the traffic in gold and iron in Noricum ; for in its neighbourhood a considerable quantity of gold and iron was obtained. (Strab. v. p.214; Tab. Peut.) The place is celebrated in history on account of the defeat there sustained, in B. C. 113, by Cn. Carbo against the Cimbri, and on account of its siege by the Boii about B. C. 59. (Strab. l. c; Liv. Epit. lib. lxiii.; Caes. Gal. 1.5.) Pliny (3.23) mentions Noreia among the towns which had perished in his time; but this must be a mistake, for Noreia is still mentioned in the Peutingerian Table, or else Pliny confounds this place with another of the same name. The site of the ancient Noreia is now occupied by the town of Neumark in Styria. (Muchar, Noricum, i. p. 271.)

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