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O´LBIA (Ὀλβία: Eth.Ὀλβιοπολίτης, and Eth. Ὀλβιανός). Stephanus (s. v. Ὀλβία) speaks of one city of this name as a Ligurian city, by which he means the Olbia on the Ligurian coast of Gallia; for the name Olbia appears to be Greek. Mela (2.5), who proceeds from east to west in enumerating the cities on the Mediterranean coast of Gallia, places Olbia between Forum Julii (Fréjus) and Massilia (Marseille). The order of place is this: Forum Julii, Athenopolis, Olbia, Taurois, Citharistes, Massilia. Strabo (iv. p.184), who proceeds from west to east in his enumeration of the cities of this coast, mentions Massilia, Tauroentium, Olbia, and Antipolis, and Nicaea. He adds that the port of Augustus, which they call Forum Julii, is between Olbia and Antipolis (Antibes). The Massaliots built Olbia, with the other places on this coast, as a defence against the Salyes and the Ligures of the Alps. (Strab. p. 180.) Ptolemy (2.10.8) places Olbia between the promontory Citharistes (Cap Cicier) and the mouth of the river Argenteus (Argents), west of Fréjus. There is nothing that fixes the site of Olbia with precision; and we must accept D'Anville's conjecture that Olbia was at a place now called Eoube, between Cap Combe and Bréganson. Forbiger accepts the conjecture that Olbia was at St. Tropez, which he supports by saying that Strabo places Olbia 600 stadia from Massilia; but Strabo places Forum Julii 600 stadia from Massilia.


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