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OLISIPO (Ὀλιοσείπων, Ptol. 2.5.4), a city of Lusitania, on the right bank of the Tagus, and not far from its mouth. The name is variously written. Thus Pliny (4.35) has Olisippo; so also the Itin. Ant. pp. 416, 418, seq. In Mela (3.1.6), Solinus (100.23), &c., we find Ulyssippo, on account probably of the legend mentioned in Strabo, which ascribed its foundation to Ulysses, but which is more correctly referred to Odysseia in Hispania Baetica. [ODYSSEIA] Under the Romans it was a municipium, with the additional name of Felicitas Julia. (Plin. l.c.) The neighbourhood of Olisipo was celebrated for a breed of horses of remarkable fleetness, which gave rise to the fable that the mares were impregnated by the west wind. (Plin. Nat. 8.67; Varr. R. R. ii. , 19; Col. 6.27.) It is the modern Lisboa or Lisbon.


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