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ORO´BIAE (Ὀρόβιαι), a town on the western coast of Euboea, between Aedepsus and Aegae, which possessed an oracle of Apollo Selinuntius. (Strab. x. p.445 comp. ix. p. 405.) The town was partly destroyed by an earthquake and an inundation of the sea in B.C. 426. (Thuc. 3.89.) This town seems to be the one mentioned by Stephanus under the name of Orope (Ὀρόπη), who describes it as “a city of Euboea, having a very renowned temple of Apollo.” (Steph. B. sub voce Κορόπη.) There are some remains of the walls of Orobiae at Roviés, which word is only a corruption of the ancient name. (Leake, Northern Greece. vol. ii. p. 176.)

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