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PADYANDUS (Παδυανδος), a town in Cataonia, or the southernmost part of Cappadocia, about 25 miles to the south-east of Faustinopolis, near the pass of Mount Taurus known by the name of the Cilician Gates. (Ptol. 5.7.7.). The town, which was extended by the emperor Valens, is mentioned in the Itineraries, but its name assumes different forms ; as, Paduandus (Tab. Peut.), Podandos (It. Ant. p. 145), Mansio Opodanda (It. Hieros. p. 578), and Rhegepodandos (Hierocl. p 699). The place is described by Basilius. (Epist. 74) as one of the most wretched holes on earth. It is said to have derived its name from a small stream in the neighbourhood. (Const. Porphyr. Vit. Basil. 36; comp. Cedren. p. 575; Jo. Scylitz. Hist. pp. 829, 844.) The place is still called Podend.


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