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Eth. SENONES (Σήνωνες), a nation of Gaulish origin, which was settled in Italy, on the coast of the Adriatic, extending from the river Aesis (Esino), [p. 2.964]a few miles N. of Ancona, to the Utis (Montone). (Liv. 5.35.) The history of their migration from Transalpine Gaul, their settlement in Italy, and their wars with the Romans, which ended in the extermination of the whole nation, are fully related under the article GALLIA CISALPINA (pp. 936--938). After the conquest of the Senones, and their expulsion from their lands on the Adriatic, two colonies were founded in their territory, the one at Sena, the other at Ariminum; and at a later period the remainder of their lands was portioned out among the Roman citizens by an agrarian law of the tribune C. Flaminius. This district, which still retained the name of the “Gallicus ager,” was afterwards considered as a part of Umbria, and included for all administrative purposes under that appellation. Its topography will therefore be most conveniently given in the article UMBRIA


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