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SERMYLE (Σερμύλη, Hdt. 7.122; Thuc. 5.18; *sermuli/a, Scyl. p. 26; Hecataeus, ap. Steph. B. sub voce Böckh, Inscr. Graec. vol. i. p. 304: Eth. Σερμύλιοι), a town of Chalcidice, between Galepsus and Mecyberna, which gave its name to the Toronaic gulf, which was also called SERMYLICUS SINUS (κόλπος Σερμυλικός, Scyl. l.c.). The modern Ormylía, between Molyvó and Derna, is identified from its name, which differs little from the ancient form, with the site of Sermyle. (Leake, Northern Greece, vol. iii. p. 155.)


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