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SI´BERIS (Σίβερις), a river of Galatia, a tributary of the Sangarius; it flowed in a southwestern direction, and joined the main river near the little town of Syceon, not far from Juliopolis. (Procop. de Aed. 5.4.) Procopius also mentions that this river frequently overflowed its banks, a fact which is perhaps alluded to in the name of a station called Hycron Potamon, about 13 miles east of Juliopolis (It. Hieros. p. 574); though it is possible also that the name may be misspelt for Hieron Potamon, which is only another name for the Hieras of Pliny (5.43), and unquestionably identical with the Siberis which now bears the name of Kirmir.


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