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SIDE´NE (Σιδήνη).


A town of Mysia, on the river Granicus, which was destroyed by Croesus, and was never rebuilt, in consequence of a curse pronounced on the site by the destroyer. (Strab. xiii. pp. 587, 601.)


A town in Lycia, mentioned only by Steplianus B. (s. v.) on the authority of the Lydiaca of Xanthus.


A district on the coast of Pontus, about the mouth of the river Sidenus, which derived its name from the town of Side, afterwards called Polemonium. The greater part of the district was formed by the deposits of the river (Strab. i. p.52, ii. p. 126, xii. pp. 547, 548, 556; Plin. Nat. 6.4.) [L.S]

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