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Eth. SILVANECTES This name occurs in the Notitia of the Provinces of Gallia, where the chief town is called Civitas Silvanectium. In the Notit. Imp. the Silvanectes are placed in Belgica Secunda, but the name there denotes a town, according to the usage then established of giving to the capital towns the names of their people. It appears almost certain that the Subanecti of Ptolemy (2.9.11) is the same name as Silvanectae or Silvanectes. Ptolemy places the Subanecti east of the Seine, and makes Ratomagus their capital. But this Ratomagus is conjectured to be the same as the Augustomagus of the Itin. and of the Table, which is Senlis [AUGUSTOMAGUS].

Pliny (4.100.17) mentions the Ulmanetes in Gallia Belgica: “Suessiones liberi, Ulmanetes liberi, Tungri.” It is possible that this too may be a corrupted form of Silvanectes, for the modern name Senlis confirms the form Silvanectes, and the name Ulmanetes is otherwise unknown.


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