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SI´LVIUM (Σιλούϊον: Eth. Silvinus: Garagnone), a town of Apulia in the interior of the country. It is noticed by Strabo (vi. p.283) as the frontier town of the Peucetii, and its name is noticed by Pliny among the municipal towns of Apulia (Plin. Nat. 3.11. s. 16). But at a much earlier period it is mentioned by Diodorus as an Apulian town, which was wrested from the Samnites by the Romans in B.C. 306 (Diod. 20.80). Our only clue to its position is derived from the Itineraries, which place it 20 miles from Venusia, on the branch of the Appian Way which led direct to Tarentum. This distance coincides with the site of a town (now destroyed) called Garaynone, situated about midway between Spinazzolo and Poggio Orsino, and nearly due E. of Venosa (Pratilli, Via Appia, 4.6. p. 478; Romanelli, vol. ii p. 188).


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