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SIMOIS (Σιμόεις), a small river of Troas, having its source in Mount Ida, or more accurately in Mount [p. 2.1002]Cotylus, which passed by Ilion, joined the Scamander below that city. This river is frequently spoken of in the Iliad, and described as a rapid mountain torrent. (Il. 4.475, 5.774, 12.22, 21.308; comp. Aeschyl. Agam. 692; Strab. xiii. p.597; Ptol. 5.2.3; Steph. B. sub voce Pomp. Mela, i, 18; Plin. Nat. 5.33; and SCAMANDER) Its present name is Dumbreak Chai, and at present its course is so altered that it is no longer a tributary of the Scamander, but flows directly into the Hellespont.


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