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SYEDRA (Σύεδρα: Eth. Συεδρεύς), a coast-town in the west of Cilicia, between Coracesium and Selinus (Strab. xiv. p.669, where the common but erroneous reading is Arsinoe Steph. B. sub voce Ptol. 5.8.1; Hierocl. p. 683; Lucan 8.259; Flor. 4.2.) It should, however, be observed that Stephanus B. calls it a town of Isauria, and that Hierocles assigns it to Pamphylia. Beaufort (Karamania, p. 178) observed some ruins on a steep hill in that district, which he thinks may mark the site of Syedra; and Mr. Hamilton, in his map of Asia Minor, also marks the ruins of Sydre on the same spot, a little to the south-east of Alaya, the ancient Coracesium.


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