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SARA´VUS a river of Gallia, a branch of the Mosella (Mosel). The Itins. place the Pons Saravi on the Saravus, on a road from Divodurum (Metz) to Argentoratum (Strassburg). [PONS SARAVI]

The Saravus is mentioned in the poem of Ausonius on the Mosella (5.367):-- “Naviger undisona dudum me mole Saravus
Tota veste vocat, longum qui distulit amnem,
Fessa sub Augustis ut volveret ostia muris.

The Saravus is the Sarre, which joins the Mosel on the right bank a few miles above Augusta Trevirorum (Trier). In an inscription the river is named Sarra.


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